We will soon be upgrading SWP v.4. to reflect upcoming changes to Standard 019 (NR/L2/OHS/019).

To ensure that you remain fully compliant, the release of SWP v.4. has been rescheduled to September to align with the anticipated compliance deadline. In the meantime, our current Safe Work Pack solution has you covered.

SWP v.4. will be the most modern, easy-to-use, and compliant Safe Work Pack planning system – built by the industry, for the industry.

We will continue to update the SWP v.4. Sandbox regularly with new and exciting features. More details will be announced shortly!

You can read about the new and exciting features included in SWP v.4. here.

We value your feedback and encourage your ideas and suggestions, so please take the time to fill in our feedback form. Alternatively, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on swpv4@on-trac.co.uk