Fatigue Manager

Easily manage your people, activities, and shift patterns in minutes.

Designed for the railway community, including alignment to Fatigue Management Standard NR/L2/OHS/003.


Improving safety on and off the line with Fatigue Manager

Network Rail’s new Fatigue Risk Management standard (NR/L3/OHS/003) came into force in October 2022. The standard applies to EVERYONE working on Network Rail infrastructure, assets, and systems.

The RailHub Fatigue Manager ensures that you are in alignment to industry standards.

Manage the risks of fatigue

Fatigue Manager is straightforward and easy to use, encouraging users to feel comfortable quickly, and creating a short learning curve for teaching. It sits at home in your RailHub dashboard for easy access.

Easy to use on both your desktop and mobile devices, it includes everything you need to keep your team safe and compliant.

Trusted across the Rail Industry

Just as SWP and MySWP are trusted by 40,000 people across the supply chain, Network Rail, and TfL to plan and deliver Safe Work Packs, Fatigue Manager can help your business manage the risks of fatigue.


Create flexible and complete staffing rosters, in alignment with Fatigue Risk Management Standard NR/L2/OHS/003

The new RailHub Fatigue Manager includes all the features you need to protect yourself and your team from the risks of fatigue.

Fatigue Management Calendar

Features include:


  • Comprehensive desktop and mobile app features
  • Embedded Fatigue Risk Index (FRI) calculator and scoring
  • Bulk upload functionality, to help you get started today
  • Electronic rostering system to manage teams and individuals, shift patterns, and both site-based and office tasks
  • Individual and project-driven calendar views for easy management
  • Full audit trail and reporting functionality

A Powerful All In One Solution

This powerful, easy-to-use system is fully compliant with fatigue risk management standard (NR/L2/OHS/003) and ensures functional heads have access to a clear audit trail.

Staff Rostering

Manage your team’s shifts, holidays, and reported absences with the handy shift calendar

Fatigue Calculator

Each users FRI (Fatigue Risk Index) score is clearly displayed on their dashboard highlighting if they are close to being at risk

Fatigue Risk Assessments

Automatically flags exceedances and prompts users to carry out an assessment

Access Levels

Three access levels allows staff, managers, and admins to manage fatigue across the whole organisation

Auditable Data Trail

Store fatigue data centrally to ensure a fully auditable data trail evidencing Network Rail compliance. 


Admin Access

Monitor your team’s Fatigue levels in a single dashboard and ensure compliance across your organisation

Manage access across your organisation

Our 3 access levels allow your whole organisation to manage their fatigue levels and shift patterns.


Shift workers can access their dashboard which contains all information needed for their shift.

  • View individual fatigue score
  • View allocated shifts
  • View approved annual leave
  • Submit holidays
  • Register sickness


All of the features included in Standard Access. Line managers also have the ability manage their team’s fatigue levels

  • Create shifts for team members
  • Access team member profiles
  • Manage your team’s fatigue
  • Add and remove users
  • Bulk upload users
  • Download users
  • Manage holiday and sickness


All of the features included in Individual and Manager levels plus the ability to manage projects and Organisations

  • Add and amend projects
  • View organisational fatigue
  • Add and amend roles
  • Add and amend Organisations

The Fatigue Manager App

Developed in partnership with Network Rail Scotland, this powerful, easy-to-use system can keep you fully compliant with the new standard and ensures functional heads have access to a clear audit trail.

Roster Integration

Agile rostering is a vital aspect of the changing fatigue risk management standard. Our Fatigue Management App imports shift rosters in real time from your database (or any software with an open API) so fatigue can be accurately managed directly through the app.

Automated Prompts

Gathering detail is vital in effective Fatigue Management. Our automated prompting feature allows you to set limits on how much detail the assessor must give. If the word count is below the set parameters, the form cannot be submitted. This ensures that risk assessments are completed to the highest possible standard.

Fatigue Risk Assessments

As per the new standard, a fatigue risk assessment must be completed after any exceedance. Our app automatically flags exceedances and prompts users to carry out an assessment. This is fully compliant with the new standard and can be completeled directly through the app, making the process as simple and thorough as possible.

Power BI Integration

Visualise fatigue data in real time with Nuthsell’s Power BI integration. Create elegant dashboards that present deep, helpful insights into fatigue and improve visibility over important data.

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