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019 Standard announcement:

As you will be aware, there will be a new updated version of the 019 Standard (NR/L2/OHS/019 Issue 9) coming into effect later this year.

OnTrac are currently working with Network Rail to ensure our RailHub is fully compliant with the pending changes

We want to assure our friends and clients in the rail industry that our RailHub suite will be updated to be fully compliant with these changes, effective from 3rd July 2017, to ensure a smooth transition for all.  

A few of the changes to our RailHub will be:

-      Inclusion of the Person in charge (PIC) role including verification and collaboration.

-      Tasks and site risks (which can be pre-populated from our WPP/TB product).

-      Permits - create or upload your own permit information.

Beta versions of our products will be available shortly, and we will keep you updated as much as we can.

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“Our vision is to become a one-stop IT partner to our clients, and help them transform the way they share information with employees, customers and supply chain partners.”

Martyn Cuthbert – Managing Director, OnTrac Ltd.

“OnTrac have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our businesses, and a very flexible and agile approach to delivering solutions on time, and within budget.”

Caroline Carruthers – Head of Systems and Support, Network Rail.

“What a brilliant job you have all done. I’m so pleased with the outcome. I know how hard you have all worked together on this time critical project, and it will make such a difference to the national programme.”

Jonathan Maloney – NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit.