Following our previous announcements, OnTrac is pleased to confirm that our SWP v4 Sandbox desktop environment will be available to our RailHub users from 28th March 2022. This will allow Planners, PICs and RMs to familiarise themselves with the new pack creation process and layout.

Access to the Sandbox will be via a new tile, “SWP v4 Sandbox”, on the RailHub landing page. Simply log in to your RailHub account and click on the above tile – this will be your access portal for the test environment.

In the Sandbox environment, Planners will be able to create test packs utilising the new workflow, which introduces the concept of Component packs. This will allow the creation of up to 10 SSOWs per shift, covering both “walking on or near the line to/from the working area” and “whilst carrying out the work”.

Standard packs will be available as normal.

PIC & RM users will need to pair up with a Planner as email notifications will be disabled for the Sandbox environment. Users, therefore, will need to communicate verbally or by separate channels when packs are available to verify and authorise. For the full release of SWP v4, emails will be enabled as with the current SWP v3 system.

Please note that this is a sandbox test environment and is NOT to be used to plan live works. The data in the Sandbox cannot be guaranteed to be up to date or accurate. The purpose of the Sandbox is to provide an early preview of the features and workflow of the new SWP v4 pack creation process, so any packs created will be for test purposes only and are not to be printed for use, nor will any packs be sent to the ePIC mobile app.